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Fourth Graduation Welcoming Speech The Director Of The Postgraduate Program Of Universitas Ngurah Ra

 Prof. Dr. Azhari A Samudra, M.Si
Denpasar, June 22, 2013
Oom Swastyastu
Assalamualaikum wr-wbr

To whom which we respect; Jagadhita Foundation board members, the Boards of the University, faculty Deans, the Postgraduate management of Universitas Ngurah Rai, entire faculty members who attend today, Alumni representatives, special guests, and the families member from Master of Public Administration who just recently graduated.

 Ladies and gentlemen, Postgraduate Master of Administration Sciences program of Universitas Ngurah Rai graduates that I love; since the establishment of the Postgraduate Program in 2008 with an operational decree permit from the Ministry of National Education and has been accredited in 2010 from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT), have 4 times we hold judicium event. Forums such as this event proved very useful, because psychologically has a spiritual meaning, emotional touch and satisfaction that cannot be calculated with any material, the success has been obtained by the candidates and especially by their families. This forum is brought together representatives of candidates with the alumni and of course this forum will take graduate candidates to lead another life that is more meaningful to be a Master who is an expert in the respective fields.

Graduate candidates who I love. Recently you have passed the legal and legitimate, and you are hereby entitled as a Master of Public Administration, and as the legal averment a few minutes ago you have received an averment of “graduation”, but in “legally formal” this Masters degree will be earn to you on July 6, 2013.

Today, Saturday, June 22, 2013, officially 61 numbers of student whose the names have been mentioned earlier by decree, are to be the bigger number if we compare with last year that only 34 postgraduate student who graduate. We are as the Postgraduate Program management of Universitas Ngurah Rai graduating all of candidates from postgraduate education program as the 112 up to 173 alumni. Among of the graduate candidates there are; 1 person is a Regent, 2 persons of the Section Chief, 1 person from the local parliament member, 58 persons from the official echelon and from the private business or organization.

Interestingly, as a university that lead towards research university; postgraduate programs has a lot of research output on public policy, particularly in the poverty reduction (42 research results), disaster mitigation (14 research results), tourism (23 results of research), policies on LGBT, small and medium enterprises policy, coop and peoples economic (41 research results). All of this can be directed to the exchange of research results with another university abroad in order to develop the culture of Bali, as well as Balinese people economic security and to promote local wisdom. With the research result exchange, Bali in term of higher education increasingly aligned with research universities in the world, particularly in Asia Pacific zone, more over as the Director of the Postgraduate Program of Universitas Ngurah Rai has been elected as the President of Asia Pacific Society for Public Affairs which supervise 32 universities around of the world.

Postgraduate Program of Universitas Ngurah Rai are gratefully thanks your support and solidarity, when we are organizing such a big event to host the International Conference on Public Organization at the last February 21, 2013, which was attended by over 200 participants and representing 32 universities in the world, where UNR equally side by side with other world renowned university. In the recent days in 2013, Postgraduate Program of Universitas Ngurah Rai has jointly cooperated with Khon Khaen University in Thailand, Saigon University in Vietnam, Ritsumeikan University (Kyoto) and Nara Prefectural University (Nara) in Japan to develop creative industries, creative economics, small and medium enterprise, coop and peoples enterprises in Gianyar regency, disaster and mitigation program also community tourism promotion in Karangasem regency. Postgraduate Program of Universitas Ngurah Rai are gratefully thanks to the regency of Karangasem, Gianyar, Badung and Denpasar city that will be support in the development of postgraduate programs forward.

On behalf of the institution, I leave the message in the name of this kind alma-mater, because the alumni are as the mirror or where the mirrors glasses as appear place to take look, which visible, and are evaluated by the community. As a mirror, then the opaque or the brightness of Postgraduate Program of UNR reputation, among others, is lies to your performance as Postgraduate Program of UNR alumni in the midst of society. What you earn during study period keep it well, because with the knowledge that you earn that you are more valuable and a greater future.

For the graduate candidates, I am as the Director of Postgraduate Program advised, “there is no turning back in life”, learn to be honest all the time with its knowledge, and do not forget to continue as soon as possible to next level of studies in Doctoral degree program.

To the family of the graduate candidates, we are addressed the deeply thanks to you, for given time, such a moral and material encouragement. And I realize that in the studied period, it must have been a lot like and grief, lack of materials, feeling depressed, feelings unloved because involving in busy things. Here I advised the graduate candidates, always ask for prayers from your family, because without their prayers, then you do not will succeed and be present at this forum. Kiss their hands, the hands of your children, your spouse, appreciate them much, teach them with the knowledge that you are earn, and the true happiness is born from the recesses of their heart.

In this occasion, I expressed our appreciation in particular to four graduates who have graduated with cum-laude (perfect) are Mrs. Ida Ayu Nyoman Tirta (4,00), I Wayan Suparta (3,93), I Wayan Geredeg (3,93) and I Dewa Putu Sunarbawa (3,93). To the management of Postgraduate Program of Universitas Ngurah Rai, Rectors and the Foundation, I am representing the 12 professors, 14 Doctors addressed the highest appreciation and gratitude, and together let us lift the name of the alumni of Universitas Ngurah Rai as high as well, to be more scent and entered to the Asian ranking.

To be remembered that I am representing to management of Postgraduate Program and faculty members, administrative staff are apologize for any shortcomings mistake as long as we interact in campus throughout your study period. It has been almost 5 years I have served to the Universitas Ngurah Rai, by the times of course I would have to be away part also with you. I am personally asking apologized, where there are deeds, words, attitude and my behavior during the time may be unpleasing to your heart and mind. And today I suggesting to all of us always learn to be humble, and respecting to the progress of Universitas Ngurah Rai…“Learn to appreciate what you’ve got, because what you get today, will never be the same as what you get tomorrow.”

Finally, congratulations to all graduate candidates, may God Almighty bless us all. Thank you very much.

Om shanti, shanti, santi om.
Wassalamualaikum wrwbr.
Postgraduate Program
Universitas Ngurai Rai
Prof. Dr. Azhari A Samudra, M.Si